Sultanahmet tourist map

Sultanahmet square map. Sultanahmet tourist map (Turkey) to print. Sultanahmet tourist map (Turkey) to download. The Sultanahmet Square (Sultanahmet Meydani) is the old historic quarter of Istanbul and here you will find some of the most significant historic monuments of Istanbul. The sultanahmet was named after Sultan Ahmet I, the builder of the Blue Mosque which sits at one end of the leafy square. Facing the Blue Mosque at the opposite end of the square is the magnificent tourist attraction Hagia Sophia.

Sultanahmet square map

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A good place for tourist to start their visit of the Sultanahmet quarter is at the Hippodrome which was once the centre of public life in Constantinople as its mentioned in sultanahmet tourist map. The Hippodrome was the scene of ferocious chariot races which the Byzantines enjoyed, much like the gladiator fights that the Romans loved. There is not much left of this stadium, but significant monuments here include the Obelisk of Theodosius, the Serpentine Column and the Column of Constantine. There is also a pretty domed fountain commemorating the visit of Kaiser Wilhelm II to Istanbul in 1898.