Istanbul tourist attractions map

Istanbul sightseeing map. Istanbul tourist attractions map (Turkey) to print. Istanbul tourist attractions map (Turkey) to download. The Whirling Dervishes may look like a tourist attraction, but it is an actual worship service of Mevlana followers as its shown in istanbul tourist attractions map. During the ceremony the Dervishes become a bridge between God and humans through a prayer-induced trance. Top tourist attractions of Istanbul are at Topkapi Palace are the Harem, an adorned ‘cage’ of the sultan women, the treasury storing the crown jewels (containing the famous Topkapi dagger), and the weapon room boosting the Ottoman fine craftsmanship even when it came to making swords and bows.

Istanbul sightseeing map

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Istanbul is not only fascinating above ground, but also underground with the Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan) as its mentioned in istanbul tourist attractions map. This exquisite piece of Byzantine engineering is a spectacular underground cistern, once bringing drinking water with aqueducts from current Bulgaria to Istanbul. Top tourist attractions of Istanbul are in the Archaeology Museum are the marvelous sarcophagus of Alexander the Great depicting important phases of his life, the blue tiled Karaman Mihrab, the beautiful Tiled Pavilion, and the Treaty of Kadesh – the world’s earliest surviving peace treaty.
The Süleymaniye Mosque was designed by the famous architect Sinan for Süleyman the Magnificent, and is a great tribute to both as you can see in istanbul tourist attractions map. It is actually much more than a place of worship, it is one of the top tourist attractions in Istanbul. Dolmabahçe Palace is just fascinating. A few facts to demonstrate my point here. The palace is huge — 600 meters in length — containing no less than 285 rooms and 43 salons.