Istanbul attractions map

Istanbul travel map. Istanbul attractions map (Turkey) to print. Istanbul attractions map (Turkey) to download. The Chora Church as its shown in istanbul attractions map may be a little bit off the beaten tourist path, but visitors say the beautiful Byzantine art is well worth the effort to get there. Magnificent mosaics and frescoes depict the life of Jesus and his mother, Mary. Known as the Church of the Holy Savior in Chora, it has been described as one of the most beautiful attractions surviving works of Byzantine architecture.
The museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts (Türk ve Islam Eserleri Müzesi) housed in the palace of Ibrahim Pasa as its mentioned in istanbul attractions map, who was Grand Vizier for Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, this museum is a must-see attraction for anyone interested in Ottoman and Islamic art. The carpet collection on display here is vast and is heralded by textile experts as the world best.
Legends say, the Maiden Tower as you can see in istanbul attractions map was built by an emperor to prevent his beloved daughter from being killed by a venomous snake as prophesied by an oracle. We wont spoil the rest of the story, but you should go and find out by yourself. Istanbul Modern is one of Istanbul most famous attraction as private art galleries. It hosts permanent contemporary and modern art exhibitions. The museum also aims to perform an educational role by providing programs to introduce youngsters to the visual arts.