Istanbul railway map

Istanbul railway network map. Istanbul railway map (Turkey) to print. Istanbul railway map (Turkey) to download. After Istanbul Haydarpaşa Terminal opened in 1908, it served as the western terminus of the Baghdad Railway and an extension of the Hejaz Railway; today, neither service is offered directly from Istanbul (see istanbul railway map). Service to Ankara and other points across Turkey is normally offered by Turkish State Railways, but construction of Mamaray and the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed line forced the station to close in 2012.

Istanbul railway network map

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The Istanbul LRT (Hafif raylı sistem or Hafif Metro (Light Metro) in Turkish), which consists of the M1 and T4 lines, is a light railway transit system in Istanbul with a total length of 32 km (10.4 km underground.) There are 36 stations, including 12 underground and 3 viaduct stations as its mentioned in istanbul railway map. The istanbul railway lines are totally segregated from other traffic, without level crossings. 114 train sets transport 320,000 passengers a day. The investment cost US$ 700 million.
Travellers who take the train rave about their experience. Much of the istanbul railway network was built by the Germans, and the joke goes that they were paid by the mile, hence the twisting nature of Turkish railway lines. However, high-speed railway is in Istanbul. The first section of high-speed line opened in 2009, and excellent high-speed trains now link Istanbul with Ankara in 4h15, Istanbul with Konya in 4h40, Ankara with Konya in 1h44.