Old istanbul map

Istanbul old map. Old istanbul map (Turkey) to print. Old istanbul map (Turkey) to download. The old istanbul map explains the historical development of the city Istanbul, which has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Istanbul empire was distinctly Greek in culture, and became the centre of Greek Orthodox Christianity after an earlier split with Rome, and was adorned with many magnificent churches, including Hagia Sophia, once the world largest cathedral. The seat of the Patriarch of Constantinople of old Istanbul, spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church, remains.
Suleiman the Magnificent reign over the old Ottoman Empire from 1520 to 1566 was a period of great artistic and architectural achievements. The famous architect Sinan designed many mosques and other grand buildings in old Istanbul, while Ottoman arts of ceramics and calligraphy also flourished. Many tekkes survive to this day as its mentioned in old istanbul map; some in the form of mosques while others have become museums such as the Cerrahi Tekke and the Sünbül Efendi and Ramazan Efendi mosques and türbes in Fatih, the Galata Mevlevihanesi in Beyoğlu, the Yahya Efendi tekke in Beşiktaş, and the Bektaşi Tekke in Kadıköy, which now serves Alevi Muslims as a cemevi.