Istanbul map europe

Istanbul country map. Istanbul map europe (Turkey) to print. Istanbul map europe (Turkey) to download. Istanbul on europe map jostled with other major historical cities, such as Baghdad and Chang'an, for the position of world most populous city until the 13th century. While Istanbul never returned to being the world largest, it remained Europe largest city from not long after the Fall of Constantinople until the start of the 19th century, when it was surpassed by London.

Istanbul country map

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Today, istanbul on europe map is Europe second-largest city, after Moscow. The Turkish Statistic Institute estimates that the population of Istanbul was 13,483,052 on 31 December 2011, making it the largest city in Turkey, with eighteen percent of the country population. Because of Istanbul vast land area, Istanbul is among the five most populous cities proper in the world, even though its metropolitan area—roughly equivalent to the city proper—ranks below fifteenth.
Akmerkez of Istanbul was awarded the title of Europe best shopping mall by the International Council of Shopping Centers (see istanbul map europe), while Istanbul Cevahir has been among the continent's largest since opening in 2005. Otherwise, Atatürk, located 24 kilometers (15 mi) west of the city center, handled 37.4 million passengers in 2011, making it the eighth-busiest airport in Europe and the thirtieth-busiest in the world.