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Map of yenikapi istanbul. Yenikapi istanbul map (Turkey) to print. Yenikapi istanbul map (Turkey) to download. The district Yenikapı of İstanbul in İstanbul is a district located in Turkey about 218 mi west of Ankara, the country capital town as its shown in yenikapi istanbul map. During the archaeological excavation at the Yenikapi Marmaray site, it has been learned that Istanbul history dates back further than was previously thought. The Yenikapi Transfer Center is also the site of an underground mass rapid transit terminal. One of interesting things near Yenikapi is The Suleymaniye Mosque.

Map of yenikapi istanbul

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Yenikapi is a port and a quarter in Istanbul, in the district of Fatih on the European side of the Bosphorous as its mentioned in yenikapi istanbul map, and along the southern shore of the city. Yenikapi is notable for the ongoing excavations on its Byzantine port discovered in 2004. This has become one of the largest investigations in Europe, because of the size and the number of the shipwrecks found since the initial discovery.