Laleli istanbul map

Istanbul laleli map. Laleli istanbul map (Turkey) to print. Laleli istanbul map (Turkey) to download. Laleli has lost much tourist interest since the fire that completely destroyed the neighborhood in the mid-twentieth century. Only the ancient Byzantine church of Myrelaion remains the must-see on a visit to Istanbul as its shown in laleli istanbul map. Completely restored in recent years, it remains an example of Byzantine architecture. The building was transformed at the end of the 15th century into a mosque under the name of Bodrum Camii. With total disregard for the horrible buildings surrounding laleli istanbul, this mosque church has retained an astonishing architectural harmony. Beneath the old church, one can still see a crypt where members of the Byzantine imperial families rest. Today a covered market is installed in these places. The whole district is dedicated to trade, especially textiles. A large number of hotels can also be found here. The night activity is almost non-existent.
Laleli is very much a working area of Istanbul - mostly textile businesses (and generally foreign traders as its mentioned in laleli istanbul map). At night laleli istanbul is fairly quiet. Laleli is a busy area, day and night and there is no shortage of local restaurants. Walking towards the sea a bit further, you can also go to Kumkapi restaurants to have some good fish dinners, drinks and fun. By the way, next to Kumkapi at Kadırga there is a nice staem table restaurant that is my favorite. It is called Karadeniz Imren.