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Map of kabatas istanbul. Kabatas istanbul map (Turkey) to print. Kabatas istanbul map (Turkey) to download. Kabatas is a quarter of Beyoğlu district in Istanbul, Turkey as its shown in kabatas istanbul map. Kabatas is situated between Beşiktaş and Karaköy, on the shore of Bosporus. Fındıklı and Kabatas are two districts that follow each other along the Thracian Bosphorus, starting from Galata or rather Tophane in the direction of the Dolmabahçe Palace. The municipality of Beyoğlu stops just before the palace, but includes the mosque where the Müftü of the town hall is located.

Map of kabatas istanbul

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The small scale of Kabatas in Istanbul has given way to a veritable pier where thousands of people are constantly getting on and off the boats that link the Anatolian coast or the Princes Islands as its mentioned in kabatas istanbul map. It is also from kabatas that passengers board private boats for cruises on the Bosphorus, the Black Sea or the Sea of Marmara. The tramway station Kabatas and the funicular station are connected to the Taksim metro station. They are right in front of the pier and allow quick transfers from one neighborhood to another.