Istanbul districts map

Map of istanbul area. Istanbul districts map (Turkey) to print. Istanbul districts map (Turkey) to download. Collectively, 39 districts of Istanbul spread over the European and Asian sides as its shown in istanbul districts map make up a large city that is not only glorious in name, but a delight to explore. Each diverse district area of Istanbul offers something special whether it is excellent shopping choices, a lively nightlife scene or an ideal family neighbourhood for home buyers.

Map of istanbul area

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Before 2009, Istanbul had 32 districts, but a growing population and a higher demand for modern facilities meant urban reorganisation was essential for upkeep, maintenance and future of those areas. 25 districts sit on the European side, and 14 rest on the Asian side as its mentioned in istanbul districts map. From posh residential suburbs to financial and touristic hubs, such is the enormous size of these districts, to get to know them all would take a lifetime.
Each of istanbul districts contain several towns – among which famous ones like Sultanahmet and Taksim as you can see in istanbul districts map. Some istanbul districts have earned notoriety thanks to their historical claims to fame or for their modern-day contribution to an urban lifestyle, while others keep a low key, an off-the-grid reputation perfect for buyers looking to get away from crowds