Fatih district istanbul map

Map of fatih district istanbul. Fatih district istanbul map (Turkey) to print. Fatih district istanbul map (Turkey) to download. Fatih district is central district of Istanbul which is known as ‘historical peninsula’. Fatih district of istanbul is surrendered by Zeytinburnu and Eyüp districts and the Sea of Marmara, Bosporus and Golden Horn as its shown in fatih district istanbul map. Fatih district and Eminönü were two districts of historical peninsula till 2008. Then, Fatih became an only district of peninsula and Eminönü became a neighbourhood of Fatih.

Map of fatih district istanbul

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With this district deep historical background, Fatih district is magical part of Istanbul. Contrary to popular belief, Fatih district does not present only Ottoman culture. Fatih consists of many neighbourhood and each has its own character as its mentioned in fatih district istanbul map. Fatih district is the most touristic part of Istanbul. Housing three big empires (Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman) inside of its city walls, Fatih is rich in terms of historical buildings.