Cihangir istanbul map

Map of cihangir istanbul. Cihangir istanbul map (Turkey) to print. Cihangir istanbul map (Turkey) to download. Cihangir is an old district of Istanbul as its shown in cihangir istanbul map, and in recent years it is become a bohemian part of the city where artists and creative types spend their days working and living. As a result, the social life of Cihangir is particularly colorful, and the restaurants and cafés in the neighborhood cater for a crowd that is a little bit out of the ordinary. Cihangir is also a place in Istanbul where people escape from the busy İstiklal Avenue, but do not want to stray too far from the vibrancy of Beyoğlu.

Map of cihangir istanbul

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Cihangir istanbul is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat at a nice restaurant. Lately, cihangir istanbul become a little more gentrified and cosmopolitan as many of the foreign residents of the city inhabit there. At the heart of Istanbul, Cihangir is a symbol of bohemian life and a highly social place. As you stroll through the streets of Cihangir, take note of the old, elegant apartment blocks, quaint little cafés and the well-fed, friendly street cats as its mentioned in cihangir istanbul map.