Istanbul old city map

Old town istanbul map. Istanbul old city map (Turkey) to print. Istanbul old city map (Turkey) to download. Starting as an ancient Greek settlement called Byzantium, the historic core of Istanbul or istanbul old city also served as the capital of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires. These Empires each controlled huge parts of the World which led to a trove of wealth, riches, and building projects. Huge monuments and mega-structures as its shown in istanbul old city map filled the powerful metropolis which still impress visiting tourists today. While unrest and war have altered many of the core sights over the centuries, istanbul old city has remained an amazing melting pot of cultures and architecture that you can’t find anywhere else.

Old town istanbul map

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The best place to start istanbul old city tour is the center of ancient Constantinople at the ruins of the former Hippodrome race track as its mentioned in istanbul old city map. The Roman Empire conquered Greece in 149BC, but it was not until 196AD that they starting building Roman structures in Byzantium. Most of the early construction projects of istanbul old city were quite small as Emperor Septimius Severus decided only to use the Byzantium as an outpost for Roman baths.
Istanbul has plenty of lodging for all budgets all over the city. I recommend the Sultanahmet area as you can see in istanbul old city map. The heart of istanbul old city is easily walkable and convenient. There are plenty of public transportation pick up istanbul old city to get anywhere else you want to go. When staying at a hostel just make sure the taxi driver knows the location. Ask the hostel contact for closest landmarks.