Istanbul offline map

Istanbul offline map & guide. Istanbul offline map (Turkey) to print. Istanbul offline map (Turkey) to download. Istanbul offline map is always with you whether you are connected or not. High-detail istanbul offline map with many points of interest, such as hotels, museums, restaurants, shops, parks, viewpoints, banks. You can search for any street by name. Easy to use, no map downloads required, all data is packed inside. Istanbul offline map works entirely without internet connection. There is no data costs neither exposure to insecure wifi networks.

Istanbul offline map & guide

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Istanbul offline map compass and line to destination for easy navigation: detailed route to destination (new functionality: beta). It is a configurable map detail. Istanbul offline map have highest detail with topographic mode. It is personalize with user waypoints and saved map views. No advertising and no in-app-purchases required. Alphabetic street index.
By selecting an istanbul offline map area you can search around any point in the map to find the closest points of interest. You can save istanbul offline map views (area and zoomlevel) for easy orientation. And you can save waypoints to mark interesting spots on the map. Those offline maps only require access to your location data to show your position on the map and read/write access to cache map data for better performance. Istanbul offline map does not access any other private data and does not transmit any data from your phone.