Istanbul 3d map

Map of istanbul 3d . Istanbul 3d map (Turkey) to print. Istanbul 3d map (Turkey) to download. As its shown in istanbul 3d map Miniatürk is spreading over an area of ​​60,000 square meters. 15,000 square meters of area, as well as 300 parking spaces, restaurants, cafeterias, souvenirs, exhibition halls, outdoor playground area, children playground, ferry, remote boat, sightseeing train, fairy tale tree, Mini Stadium ' 4 adults, when you visit the maze of chess and Turkey-Istanbul 3d tourism Miniatürk Simulation teacher, thought something.
Hard Rock Cafe Istanbul is located in Beyoglu at the old “Sponeck Birahanesi” building as its mentioned in istanbul 3d map, where Turkey first public film was screened in 1896, near the iconic Istiklal Street and live music neighborhood at the core of istanbul 3d. The city is the capital of empires, the meeting point of cultures and civilizations, and the unique city divided by two 3d continents.