Blue mosque map

Blue mosque istanbul map. Blue mosque map (Turkey) to print. Blue mosque map (Turkey) to download. The blue mosque wonderfully curvaceous exterior features a cascade of domes and six slender minarets. Blue İznik tiles adorn the interior and give the building its unofficial as its shown in blue mosque map but commonly used name. With the blue mosque exterior, the architect, Sedefkâr Mehmet Ağa, managed to orchestrate a visual wham-bam effect similar to that of nearby star Aya Sofya interior. Its curves are voluptuous; the blue mosque has six minarets (more than any other mosque at the time it was built); and its courtyard is the biggest of all of the Ottoman mosques.

Blue mosque istanbul map

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The blue mosque is such a popular attraction that admission is controlled in order to preserve its sacred atmosphere. To best grasp the blue mosque design, enter the complex via the Hippodrome rather than from Sultanahmet Park as its mentioned in blue mosque map. Once inside the courtyard, which is the same size as the blue mosque interior, you will appreciate the building perfect proportions. The interior has a similarly grand scale: the İznik tiles number in the tens of thousands; there are 260 windows; and the central prayer space is huge.