Istanbul airport terminal map

Istanbul terminal map. Istanbul airport terminal map (Turkey) to print. Istanbul airport terminal map (Turkey) to download. Istanbul airport has four terminals as its shown in istanbul airport terminal map: Terminal 1, for domestic flights- Terminal 2, for international flights- Terminal 3, for cargo flights- General Aviation Terminal. Inaugurated in 2000, the new international terminal of istanbul airport is an efficient and modern terminal. After the new terminal opened, domestic flights were moved to the old international terminal. Despite its 1960s design, this new domestic terminal of istanbul airport can handle more passengers than the more modern but smaller previous domestic terminal.

Istanbul terminal map

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Istanbul airport terminals have been operated by TAV (Tepe-Akfen-Ventures) since January 2000. TAV has invested US$600 million since 1998. In 2005 TAV won the concession agreement to operate istanbul airport for 15.5 years at a record breaking amount of $4 billion, which also represents the highest figure for such a privatization project in Turkey, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Commonwealth of Independent States and North Africa (see istanbul airport terminal map).
The new terminal of istanbul airport is in fact one of the few airport terminals in the world to be controlled from a single computer centre as its mentioned in istanbul airport terminal map. The terminal at the Istanbul Airport (IST) features a post office, ATMs, a restaurant, a café-bar, a pastry shop, service stands and car rental companies. Istanbul Airport (IST) also provides amenities for families, travellers on business or those with special needs, plus taxis, tourist information and parking for over 7000 vehicles.